Breast Augmentation

Length of Stay in Hospital
1 Day
Length of Stay in the City
7 Days
Recovery Duration
1-2 Weeks
Operation Duration
2-4 Hours
Type of Anesthesia
General Anesthesia
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Breast augmentation is an aesthetic surgery in which the size of breasts is increased and their shapes are improved by placing silicone prostheses or by fat injection.

Breasts can be small or asymmetric for various reasons. Silicone prosthesis (implant) application is the most valid method today to make breasts equal or to increase their volume.

While breast augmentation helps you achieve a plump breast size and a more aesthetically attractive breast shape, a little breast lift can also be achieved.

Instead of a breast prosthesis, the fat tissue taken by liposuction can also be injected to the breast and growth can be achieved. However, injecting fat is not a permanent method.

How to Choose Breast Implant Shape and Size?

Breast implants come in different shapes and sizes. They are called round and anatomic teardrop breast implants.

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There are many parameters used when deciding on the type, size and shape of the prosthesis to be used in breast augmentation. These parameters vary depending on the person's anatomy. When choosing a breast implant; the size of existing breast, the width of rib cage, the width of breast base, the thickness of breast tissue, whether there is sagging or asymmetry in the breasts, the condition of skin and muscles, the degree of looseness, and the person's own preferences are considered. Therefore, the implant to be used in the operation is determined by your doctor after the examination.

Where to Place the Prostheses?

Prostheses can be placed in 3 different layers through the incisions made in different regions. According to your expectations and anatomy, the type and location of your prosthesis is determined by your doctor:

  1. Under the existing breast tissue (above the muscle),

  2. Under the membrane covering the muscle carrying the existing breast tissue (under the fascia),

  3. Under the muscle that carries the breast tissue (under the muscle).

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Above the Muscle
Under the Fascia
Under the Muscle

What Should Be Considered After the Operation?

  • A corset should be worn for the first 4 weeks after the operation.

  • Initially, the breasts are tense and swollen, and pain may be felt. Significant recovery achieved in the next 6 weeks.

  • Most of the swelling disappears 3 months after the operation, the breasts become softer and more natural.

  • It is necessary to stay away from work for 1 week and 6 weeks from exercise.

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Can the prostheses have been used in breast augmentation operation be changed later?

There is a silicone tissue around the breast prostheses that protects the liquid inside. This tissue prevents prosthesis from touching the breast. Naturally, the prostheses can be safely removed later since they do not merge with the breast tissue. Prostheses can be used for life under normal conditions, but there is also no harm in changing the prosthesis with patient's request.

Is a corset used after breast augmentation?

A corset is used for 1 month in order to take the desired shape of breasts after the operation. This corset can also be thought of a tight bra. It is recommended to use a sports bra for a while after using the corset as well.

Is the breast prosthesis recognisable from outside?

Since the breast prosthesis made according to the body size of every person, it cannot be noticable from outside unless if the applications that push the natural limits. Prostheses are produced with the same density as the breast tissue and are not felt when touched because they are placed under the breast tissue.

Does breast augmentation damage the lactiferous ducts?

Silicone prostheses are placed under the breast tissue and there is no contact with the lactiferous ducts. Therefore, breast augmentation does not prevent breastfeeding.

What shape should the breast prosthesis be?

Most plastic surgeons prefer round prosthesis nowadays. Anatomic teardrop prosthesis can also be preferred according to body shape of the patient. Patient and doctor decide together which breast prosthesis will be used depending on the breast structure and breast type.

Will there be any scar after the breast augmentation surgery?

There will be scars which are not disappear completely after the operation, but these scars will be hidden under the breast folds. Moreover, these scars gradually become pink, faint, and difficult to notice.

When can I return to work after breast surgery?

Patients can return home the day after breast augmentation operation. It is recommended to rest for 3-4 days after the operation. Patients can return to work life within 1 week after the operation, but this period may be little longer for jobs requiring heavy physical activity.

Are prostheses used in breast augmentation surgery safe?

There are many prostheses used for breast augmentation surgeries. These prostheses are made of silicone or physiological saline. Prostheses do not have any side effects or harm to the body and are quite resistant to external traumas. Therefore, they are highly safe. These prostheses are manufactured with the approval of FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration).

How is the size of prosthesis used for breast augmentation decided?

The size of prosthesis used in these operations is decided by specialist doctors. You and your doctor will decide on the most natural prosthesis size with the simulation images made according to your body measurements.

Can breast prosthesis be applied for a single breast?

Breast prosthesis can also be applied to one breast in case of congenital deformities or the loss of one breast.

Is there an age limit for breast augmentation surgery?

Since breast augmentation is a cosmetic surgery, it is not applied to those under the age of 18. Moreover, the chest structure must be fully developed in order to do this surgery.

Do stitches need to be removed after the breast augmentation?

Cosmetic sutures are used in these surgeries in order to not spoil the aesthetic appearance and these sutures are dissolvable. Therefore, there is no need to remove the stiches after the operation.

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