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Genital Aesthetics

Length of Stay in Hospital
No Need
Length of Stay in the City
7 Days
Recovery Duration
1 Week
Operation Duration
1 Hour
Type of Anesthesia
Local or General Anesthesia
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Genital aesthetics (vaginal aesthetics) are operations performed to eliminate the external appearance, deformity or enlargement problems in the vaginal canal that occur congenitally in the genital area or that occur later with age.

Genital aesthetics covers many procedures such as removing excess fat, increasing the volume by filling or injecting your own fat, improving droopy appearance, lightening the color, reducing the inner lips (labiaplasty), narrowing the vagina (vaginoplasty) and repairing the hymen (hymenoplasty).

External Genital Aesthetics


  • Labiaplasty (reduction of small lips),

  • Majoraplasty (plump of the big lips),

  • Pubis aesthetics.

Internal Genital Aesthetics


  • Vaginoplasty (narrowing of the vagina),

  • Hymenoplasty (repair of the hymen).

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Labiaplasty (Reduction of Small Lips)


Small lips lie usually inside the large lips. However, the small lips are excessively long and drooping sometimes, and they become visible by protruding beyond the large lips. In addition to being an aesthetic problem, this situation can also cause issues such as difficulty in choosing clothes and unnecessary pain during sexual intercourse. Surgical reduction of the labia minora is called labiaplasty. The small lips are brought to the required size and they are completely covered by the large lips by labiaplasty. The operation can be performed at any age after puberty. The operation has nothing to do with the hymen.

Majoraplasty (External Lip Aesthetics)


Large genital lips may appear wrinkled and drooping in some people. External lips should be sufficiently full and mostly cover the small lips in the desired external genital appearance.

The first choice for filling the external lips is the person's own fats. Sometimes people may want to perform this procedure during the examination. In this case, fillers containing thick particle hyaluronic acid can be used. However, if a large amount of filling is required, this method is not preferred.

Pubis Aesthetics


Excessive or insufficient volume of this region can create an aesthetic issue. Being too bulky can make it difficult for people to wear tight clothes. In this case, the swelling of this area can be reduced by liposuction. In case of insufficient volume, fat or temporary filler injection is possible to achieve a younger appearance.

Vaginoplasty (Vaginal Tightening)


The vagina is one of the most suitable organs for enlargement due to aging, birth, sexual intercourse, abortion etc. Vaginal tightening operation, also known as "vaginoplasty", is performed to improve the enlarged vagina a tighter form. Surgery or laser tightening can be done to achieve the desired form.

The vagina may be deformed due to hereditary or postpartum loosening. In order to improve this issue, which has negative effects on sexual life, the mucous and muscle tissue on the back wall of vagina are removed and stitched again, thus narrowing the vaginal canal. The patient can return to her daily life a few days later.

Hymenoplasty (Hymen Repair)


Hymen repair is a gynecological surgery which performed to restore the hymen to its former anatomy. Temporary or permanent repair can be successfully performed after the hymen rupture, depending on the patient's preference.

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Postoperative Recovery Process


  • The patient is discharged on the same day.

  • It is requested to clean the area with disinfectant solution after each toilet visit for 1 week.

  • There is no need for stitches to be removed as dissolving stitches are used.

  • The patient can return to office work after 1-2 days.

  • It is recommended to wait 2 weeks for jobs that require physical effort.

  • 4 weeks should be waited for sexual intercourse.

Who Can Be Suitable Candidates for Genital Aesthetics?


  • Those who are not satisfied with the shape of their vagina,

  • Those who have enlargement and deformities due to birth,

  • In case of a trauma or accidental deformation,

  • Those with congenital deformities,

  • In case of sagging inner lip structure.

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  • Liposuction operasyonu nasıl yapılır?
    Liposuction, çeşitli yöntemlerle daha akışkan hale getirilen yağ dokularının 1-2 milimlikkesiler içinden, ince ve uzun kanüller yardımı ile vakumlanarak çıkarılmasıdır.
  • Liposuction operasyonu sonrası dikkat edilmesi gerekenler ve iyileşme süreci
    İyileşme süresini hızlandırmak için erken ayağa kalkmak ve bol hareket etmek, iyileşme aşamasında kayda değer bir önem taşır. Operasyon sonrası ağrılar genellikle 3-4 gün sürer ve bu süre zarfında ağızdan alınan ağrı kesiciler ile Liposuction sonrası ağrılar rahatlıkla yönetilebilir. Operasyondan 2 gün sonra pansumanların çıkartılması ve 1 hafta sonra ise dikişlerin aldırılması gerekir. Operasyon sonrasındaki 4 haftalık süre boyunca Liposuction korsesi kullanılır. Operasyondan sonraki 3 ila 7 gün içerisinde iş hayatına geri dönüş sağlanır. Operasyondan 2 hafta sonra yürüyüşlere başlayabilen hastaların, ağır spor egzersizleri için ise en az 6 hafta beklemesi gerekir. Operasyon sonrası oluşan şişlik ve sertlikler genellikle 2 ay içerisinde geçse de istenilen sonucun tam anlamıyla elde edilebilmesi için ameliyatın üzerinden yaklaşık 6-9 ay geçmesi gerekir.
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Walk-through: What's next?

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First Contact

From the very first contact, we will explore your situation in-depth and start planning the path to the beauty.


Doctor Choice

We will connect you with the best doctors in their fields for your special needs.



We will assist you to plan your trip and give you advises on city tours.


Transport and Transfer

Based on your operation schedule, you will fly to Istanbul on the most convenient date for you. From then on, your transfers and appointments will be arranged by us.


Operation Day

You will be in right hands to reveal your beauty on the date of the operation.



When your procedures are done, you will return home to enjoy your new life.

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