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Leg Aesthetics

Length of Stay in Hospital
1 Day
Length of Stay in the City
7 Days
Recovery Duration
2 Weeks
Operation Duration
2-3 Hours
Type of Anesthesia
General Anesthesia
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One of the most important elements of body beauty in women is the legs. Loosening and sagging in legs may occur due to weight gain or loss, birth, inactivity and aging. In addition to these disorders that may occur later, a person may also have structurally extremely thin or bowlegs. Women who have very thick, very thin, bowed or asymmetrical legs can have the legs they want with plastic surgeries.

How does thigh lift perform?

The leg area from the hip to the knee is called thigh. Saggy skin in this area is one of the most troubling issues for some people. With the thigh lift surgery, the saggy skin and fat on the upper and inner parts of the legs are removed. In thinner patients with less skin sagging, excess skin is removed, stretched and sutured, leaving a slanted scar on the inner side of the groin. In patients with excessive sagging and fat on the skin, the operation applied together with liposuction leaves a "T" shaped scar.

Bowleg Surgery: The bowleg appearance, which occurs due to the disproportionate distribution of fat in the legs, is treated by taking the intra-articular knee fat that creates the bowed image by liposuction and injecting it into the missing areas (calves). During the operation, the curvature of bones is not intervened. This treatment with fat transfer is permanent for life.

Knee Aesthetic: Knees are one of the most important parts of leg beauty. Deformation in knees can create an unsightly appearance in the entire leg. Deformities that affect leg aesthetics in knees can be caused by sagging and wrinkles due to fat accumulations or rapid weight change. Excess fat can be removed by liposuction anywhere in the knee. Sometimes, due to frequent weight change, sagging of the skin on knees, wrinkles, or protrusions on the sides of knees may occur. In order to eliminate these disorders, protrusions and excess skin can be surgically removed.

Skinny Leg Aesthetic: If the legs are extremely skinny, more shaped legs can be obtained with prosthesis placement. The size of prosthesis is determined according to the need of patient and after the doctor's control. Prostheses are placed on the lower leg (between the knee and ankle). Since the operation is performed through small incisions of 3-4 cm behind the knee, recovery time is short and the operation scar is pretty difficult to notice.


  • The patient can stand up on the same day of operation and only stays in the hospital for 1 night.

  • Patients can return to their regular lives within 4-5 days after the operation.

  • If stitches were applied during the operation, these areas will be recovered after 10 days.

  • Patients should use a corset with a minimum period of 1 month after the surgery. This corset will help swelling less and the skin will adhere to the subcutaneous tissues and shrink.

  • The surgical scars will start to fade at the end of first month and will mostly disappear at the end of first year.

  • There may be mild pain that can be managed by painkillers.

  • You can take a bath on the 2nd or 3rd day after the surgery.

  • Slight bruising and swelling can be observed in the inner area of legs after thigh lift and liposuction. These swellings are expected to go away completely after a few weeks.

  • It is possible to return to work 1 week after the operation.

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  • Liposuction operasyonu nasıl yapılır?
    Liposuction, çeşitli yöntemlerle daha akışkan hale getirilen yağ dokularının 1-2 milimlikkesiler içinden, ince ve uzun kanüller yardımı ile vakumlanarak çıkarılmasıdır.
  • Liposuction operasyonu sonrası dikkat edilmesi gerekenler ve iyileşme süreci
    İyileşme süresini hızlandırmak için erken ayağa kalkmak ve bol hareket etmek, iyileşme aşamasında kayda değer bir önem taşır. Operasyon sonrası ağrılar genellikle 3-4 gün sürer ve bu süre zarfında ağızdan alınan ağrı kesiciler ile Liposuction sonrası ağrılar rahatlıkla yönetilebilir. Operasyondan 2 gün sonra pansumanların çıkartılması ve 1 hafta sonra ise dikişlerin aldırılması gerekir. Operasyon sonrasındaki 4 haftalık süre boyunca Liposuction korsesi kullanılır. Operasyondan sonraki 3 ila 7 gün içerisinde iş hayatına geri dönüş sağlanır. Operasyondan 2 hafta sonra yürüyüşlere başlayabilen hastaların, ağır spor egzersizleri için ise en az 6 hafta beklemesi gerekir. Operasyon sonrası oluşan şişlik ve sertlikler genellikle 2 ay içerisinde geçse de istenilen sonucun tam anlamıyla elde edilebilmesi için ameliyatın üzerinden yaklaşık 6-9 ay geçmesi gerekir.
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Walk-through: What's next?

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First Contact

From the very first contact, we will explore your situation in-depth and start planning the path to the beauty.


Doctor Choice

We will connect you with the best doctors in their fields for your special needs.



We will assist you to plan your trip and give you advises on city tours.


Transport and Transfer

Based on your operation schedule, you will fly to Istanbul on the most convenient date for you. From then on, your transfers and appointments will be arranged by us.


Operation Day

You will be in right hands to reveal your beauty on the date of the operation.



When your procedures are done, you will return home to enjoy your new life.

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