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Length of Stay in Hospital
1 Day
Length of Stay in the City
5 Days
Recovery Duration
5-7 Days
Operation Duration
1-2 Hours
Type of Anesthesia
Local or General Anesthesia
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Prominent ear is a condition caused by the undeveloped Y-shaped cartilage fold in protruding part of the ear. Prominent ears are considered as big ears among the people. However, this is just an illusion since cartilage has no curves or folds. Ears will be perceived as regular in size when the cartilage fold surgically corrected.

How is Otoplasty Performed?

The cartilages are shaped with a small incision made behind the ear and ideal folds are obtained with special stitches in prominent ears correction surgeries. Ears complete most of their development until the age of 5-6. It is a serious chance that these ages are still before the ages of school. Especially childhood period can be exposed bullying in this regard. Therefore, there is no harm in performing otoplasty before school. Otoplasty gives good and permanent results in general, improves the mental health, and increases self-confidence.

Recovering Process After Otoplasty Operation

  • Patients can return home on the day of the operation.

  • There is no pain to be felt for about 4 hours after the operation because of the local anesthesia effect. Mild pains afterward are not at a level to affect daily life and can be managed with painkillers.

  • A bandage is applied to patient’s ears for 3-5 days, and it is recommended to walk around with a tennis band or hair band for the next 2 weeks to protect ears from any physical impact.

  • A short warm shower can be taken on the 4th day of the operation.

  • There is no need for suture removal as "dissolvable suture" is used in this operation.

  • Ears may swell slightly and discoloration may occur after the operation. These are expected to pass in a few days.

  • Light paced exercises can be done 2 weeks after the operation.

Varlık 46.png
Varlık 46.png

Walk-through: What's next?

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First Contact

From the very first contact, we will explore your situation in-depth and start planning the path to the beauty.


Doctor Choice

We will connect you with the best doctors in their fields for your special needs.



We will assist you to plan your trip and give you advises on city tours.


Transport and Transfer

Based on your operation schedule, you will fly to Istanbul on the most convenient date for you. From then on, your transfers and appointments will be arranged by us.


Operation Day

You will be in right hands to reveal your beauty on the date of the operation.



When your procedures are done, you will return home to enjoy your new life.

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