Chin Aesthetics

Length of Stay in Hospital
No Need
Length of Stay in the City
7 Days
Recovery Duration
1 Week
Operation Duration
1-2 Hours
Type of Anesthesia
Local or General Anesthesia

Position and size of the chin can be adjusted with various techniques and the desired face proportion can be achieved with chin aesthetic operations.

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What are the Operation Techniques?

Jaw Tip (Gonion) Implant: In this procedure, an implant is placed on the patient's jaw tip. Thus, where the lower gonio is too small and the tip of the chin is behind, the jaw is made longer and the proportion of the face is corrected.

Jaw Tip Size Reduction: The pointed or anterior jaw tips are cut and shifted back and fixed to their new place with the help of a titanium plate.

Bringing Forward or Enlarging the Chin Tip: Chin can be extended, enlarged and/or widened with the new generation chin implants called Medpor®. There are even special implants for men that aim to enhance jawlines for more angular appearance.

Chin Tip Grinding Down: If the position of chin is good from the side and a little wide when viewed from the front, it can be rasped and reduced.

Jaw Tip Filling or Fat Injection: People who have hesitations about chin implant surgery can have chin enlargement with temporary fillings or fat injection.

Why is Chin Implant Surgery Performed?


The chin prosthesis is preferred to make jawline structure, which is very important in the facial profile, appear more harmonious and proportional with the rest of the face. If the tip of chin appears further back than the tip of nose in the mirror, this person may be a suitable candidate for a chin prosthesis. The desired proportion can be achieved between the nose, chin and other parts of the face by placing a prosthesis on the chin. The chin implant also eliminates the jowl issue in patients at the same time. There will be a great improvement in the chin tip and rejuvenation in the jowl area after the surgery.

How is Chin Implant Performed?


The chin implant operation is performed under the lower jawbone or through the mouth. A small incision is made from the area where the prosthesis will be placed on the jawbone. The incision is closed, stitched and the operation is completed in 45-60 minutes.

Can Chin Implant and Rhinoplasty be Performed Together?


Chin implant and nasal tip surgeries are usually performed together to equalize the proportions of the nose, chin and face at the same time. In this way, the ratio of the jaw and face is balanced with the placement of implants.

Postoperative Recovery Process

  • Does not require hospital stay.

  • There may be a slight swelling in the chin area, it is expected to go away in a few days.

  • It does not leave a scar when it is performed inside the mouth.

  • It is recommended to be fed with liquid foods for about 6 days and to gargle regularly when it is done orally.

  • Patients can return to their daily lives in 3 to 7 days.

  • The new shape of the chin begins to be noticed after the third week.

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When will I return to my regular life?

In some cases, the patient is discharged on the same day of operation, in other cases a day later. It is recommended that the patient be fed with liquid for 1 week, especially after the chin enlargement surgery. Patients can return to their daily life on average of 1 week.

Is chin implant risky?

The surgeries are performed by plastic surgeons under general anaesthesia. These are operations that take an average of 1 hour. No scars are observed after the operation. Since it is a surgical operation, swelling around the chin is expected for a week.

How long does the chin implant take?

It takes 1 to 1.5 hour on average.

Does the prosthesis placed to the chin have any negative effect on health?

Prostheses placed on your chin after chin implant operations do not create any issue for your health. You will not have a chewing problem after the recovery period.

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Walk-through: What's next?

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First Contact

From the very first contact, we will explore your situation in-depth and start planning the path to the beauty.


Doctor Choice

We will connect you with the best doctors in their fields for your special needs.



We will assist you to plan your trip and give you advises on city tours.


Transport and Transfer

Based on your operation schedule, you will fly to Istanbul on the most convenient date for you. From then on, your transfers and appointments will be arranged by us.


Operation Day

You will be in right hands to reveal your beauty on the date of the operation.



When your procedures are done, you will return home to enjoy your new life.